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Coopers Farm Shop

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Welcome to Coopers Farm Shop the home of Withybed English Longhorns and our traditional beef

Our farming company Newgap ltd are proud to be accredited producers of "Pasture for life" See more on


“If it’s beef you're after then we can provide the best, healthiest,
naturally reared with no grain or Soya fed to the cattle "


The in phrase this month is "Regenuary" ...regenerative farming.. where we do our best for nature & biodiversity.. each farm is different in their approach to this but the majority are trying hard to mitigate their carbon fotprint while producing wholesome and healthy food for the people.


The festive season behind us and we now look forward to Spring 2022 with hopefully an early bite of fresh grass to nourish the herd after the Winter months.

For now we have the regular routine of feeding and bedding the herd in their winter pens... our ground is too heavy with clay to outwinter the numbers we have involved with the conservation grazing.


Our Longhorn beef of the 2022 grass growing season will be available on Saturday's throughout the late spring,Summer and Autumn. 


We are now in the hunger gap.. difficult months to retail beef, the steaks and burgers sell quickly and we are left with roasting joints in the freezers.  


Native breed English Longhorn cattle are born and reared on our farm. We have introduced some traditional Herefords to the grazing herd giving us an alternative breed with an ability to "cross" the breeds for beef production which both grow and perform well on grass alone.


About Us

The Withybed herd of English Longhorns based at Coopers Hill, Alvechurch move to many reserves across Worcestershire for Wildlife trusts, National Trust and private bodies throughout the grass growing period. This is conservation grazing as the project sites are usually SSSI’s (Sites of special scientific interest), SINC’s (sites of importance for Nature conservation) LNR’s, NNR’s (local & national nature reserves).


The cattle are on site to assist in management by grazing, nibbling or browsing of scrub, hedges and trees and ultimately this gives the cattle natural trace elements and vitamins, and encourages biodiversity by the introduction of the grazing animal to uproductive non intensive land.


Newgap ltd the farming company are approved producers with the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. See more here:


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Free Delivery Within 7 Mile Radius 

 Coopers Farm Shop OPENING TIMES

OPEN Saturday 8th,15th,22nd January 2022
9am - 1.00 pm

currently we have only fresh frozen beef




Withybed Longhorn beef available in our pop up shop. Collections of Longhorn beef can be made most days by prior appointment.

Please place orders for your requirements.

0121 447 7313 or 07836 681847

Longhorn Cattle Coopers Farm

Coopers Farm shop selling "Withybed Traditional Beef" is now accredited as a butchery oulet for 100% forage fed beef.These cattle are not fed grain or Soya at all during their lives and grow steadily on a diet of grass, herbs, Heather, Wood pasture, Fen land Rush and Sedge and receive only Hay or Haylage during the winter months when they need additional feed.The grazing land on which they grow receives no artificial fertilizers or chemicals.


The cattle are anti-biotic free (only for essential animal welfare we will administer anti biotics under veterinary guidance) and we avoid using Anthelmintics.


As they say "You are what you eat"! The same applies to these animals.


The shop is only open when we have Beef available. Follow us on facebook "coopers farm shop" @nativebreedbeef for a regular update. We are happy to accept orders by email at and can package direct to you if necessary.


Please call before you travel to avoid disappointment on 07836 681847.

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Coopers Farm Shop

Coopers Hill Farm
Coopers Hill
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Telephone: 0121 447 7313 or 07836 681 847

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